Mommy Calm for Pet Parents

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THIS IS FOR THE MOMS! The Mommy Calm remedy is designed to help YOU get your energy balanced so both you and your cat can be calm. Our energy affects them so much. Often if we can find our calm, we see a remarkable change in them.

This moon water was charged during the Waning Crescent Moon which is a time of release and reflection. It is infused with crystals and flower essences with a touch of mood lifting essential oils specifically chosen to help you as a cat caretaker release stress too. KJ personally charges each bottle with the Reiki intention to amplify to effect of the spray and encourage the calming effect.


As the Kitty Correspondent for Pet Pals TV and mother to 7 rescue cats, KJ has personally created this product to aid more cats and more cat owners dealing with common stress related issues.

As a dedicated cat mom and a Reiki Master, KJ has a passion for helping cats be the best versions of themselves. The Storms & Melodies remedy collection was born out of the challenge of having two cats who struggled to live in harmony. Johnny Storm's predator drive (natural need to hunt) paired with Melody's natural prey drive (fearful response to stress) led to A LOT of stress for all of us.

Working on her own energy while helping them with theirs is when KJ truly saw a difference in the entire household. Take care of your energy and your cat's energy by using this remedy for yourself as you utilize the cat remedies for your fur babies!

Purrs, love and light to you and your feline friend!

NOTE: The small amount of essential oils used in this blend are tried and true, tested, and made by a veterinarian. Please do not use essential oils with cats unless you KNOW a vet has approved them. My trusted and only source is