Lipstick on a Pug

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It’s the 1970s, and life changes completely for a little girl named Laurren when she meets the most curious, incredible creature she has ever seen. With its wrinkly face, bulging eyes, and a nose that looks like it’s been smashed by a freight train, it’s the most pitiful creature she’s ever seen…and the most loveable.

Her name is Tuttie, and she’s a pug. Her owner left her at the vet’s office and never came back so Laurren and her family adopt her. Laurren and Tuttie are two peas in a pod. They become inseparable. Then one day, Laurren’s grandma brings her a pair of red clip-on earrings and bright-red lipstick. That’s when Laurren learns that when you put lipstick on a pug, you can conquer the world.

Lovingly illustrated by Florina Boldi, this touching tale for children tells the story of author Laurren Darr’s first pug, Tuttie, the inspiration for a lifelong love of the breed and pet fashion.

Children’s Book of the Year 2015 from Dog Writers Association of America