Wedding Organizer Kit

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You know who said, “Planning a wedding is super easy”? No one ever. Because planning a wedding is definitely not easy. With a million tiny tasks to keep track of, you’re lucky if you make it to the altar in one piece.

But organization can save you. A wedding planning binder that organizes all the details surrounding your big day, your guests, your outfit and music and food and more, will make that trip to the altar so much sweeter. Consider the Wedding Planner Organizer Kit, which helps you do just that.

It comes with everything you need to get your big day organized to the max, including:
• Twenty pre-printed index tabs made to fit a three-ring binder
• A Table of Contents for organizing tasks, guest lists, vendors and other notes
• A graphic cover made to slip inside the front of a three-ring binder
• A matching spine for the binder
The wedding organize kit also offers the following:
• A catered food and beverage tab to organize meal choices, drinks, catering info and more
• A menu tab for when you’re still in the planning stages
• A photography tab for keeping photo lists, possible shot arrangements, photographer info and more
• A sleeping accommodations tab to help you put up all those special people you can’t miss on the big day
• Location tabs for both ceremony and reception
• A decorations tab to gather altar ideas, flower choices, color schemes and more all in one place
• An invitations tab to organize design choices, save-the-dates and more
• A budget tab to make sure you’re on top of your bank account!
Take all the loose paper, receipts, contact information and vendor lists and put them all in one place. Add in your guest lists, table arrangements, dress swatches, flower pics and more, so you’ll always know where to find them. And frankly I have shown mine off to my mother-in-law. She gets it! She organizes with binders too. Score on the rapport!

If you’re into using sheet protectors to your paperwork and records safe and clean, we recommend Avery 74203. These let you easily slip any standard sized paper inside and clip it into your three-ring wedding planning binder, where you can reference it over and over again without worrying about the page ripping. You might also consider business card sheet protectors to keep all your necessary info in place; Avery makes a Tabbed Business Card Page that will do nicely. Google "binder accessories" to find all sorts of add-ons.

Best of all, after the big day you’ll have an amazing memento of the journey to the altar, from initial lists scratched on paper to narrowing down dress choices and tablescapes, to the big day when everything finally came together. Not only will it be fun for you to look through later, smiling at your crazy-lady chicken scratch, it makes for a handy tool for other brides-to-be, who can learn from your mistakes as well as your wins.

Don’t let your bonkers wedding brain get the best of you ever again. Banish Bridezilla! Instead, nail organization like a pro with this starter kit. Once you get organized, you’ll never look back. And soon you will be wanting the Children Records Organizer Kit....

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