The Art of the Plan- Financial Planning Book

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The Art of the Plan will help you think differently about your money.

If you’re feeling uniformed, intimidated, or even a little stuck regarding finances, this book will set you free. Using elements of both her financial expertise and her artistic background, Beck illustrates her innovative, three-step proprietary method designed to put your money to work for you—helping you achieve not only financial security, but also a more meaningful life. You’ll realize the confidence you can have in a plan that is founded upon your own values and dreams and designed to change with your needs. You will also learn the benefits of having a coordinated team of advisors, the BFS Under One Roof Planning Team, who can address your plan from many dimensions and ensure nothing is overlooked.

Throughout her life, Nancy Beck has worked hard to learn the secrets of financial planning in support of individuals’ unique goals and dreams. She understands how the pitfalls, misconceptions, and fears around money can impede financial success. In this book, Beck candidly shares how changing her own beliefs regarding money enabled her to plan for and live her own ideal life. As founder of Beck Financial Strategies, she has embedded this evolutionary viewpoint—the BFS Way—into her business practices to help her clients achieve similar success.

This book removes the mystery of sound financial planning and illustrates how you can finally stop worrying about your financial decisions. You will not only be freed from your fears and misconceptions; you will be inspired and empowered to start living now for what you long for—your ideal life.

It’s simple: If you Plan More, you can Play More, which allows you to Be More.

Financial planning paperback book.