Indiana Letterpress Print by Hoosier Type Company

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Celebrate your ties to the Hoosier state with this limited edition letterpress print from Hoosier Type Company! This *unframed* letterpress print was handmade in a small, rural studio in two separate passes: the first for the golden Indiana silhouette, and a second for the deep blue type. Each print is unique with subtle variations, lovely reminders of the hand-made process.

Whether you're looking for something to show your state pride, a Father's Day Gift, or just some cool artwork for your Indianapolis apartment, this print will look great displayed in your space.

This design features colors from the state flag, as well as stars, with the "vintage" IND state abbreviation along with the year of our statehood: 1816. The layered inks have a very slight luster shift in the overlapping spaces (one of the maker’s favorite features in letterpress) as well as subtle surface indentions from the pressure of the wooden type on the paper.

This design won't be reprinted in the same way again, so grab one now if you'd like one! Your print will be shipped in a protective, rigid cardboard mailer with easy care instructions.

Letterpress prints give everyone a chance to own a genuine, original work of art at a reasonable cost AND they can also be a great conversation piece - a way of introducing others to this artform from the advent of printing, or you can share how your print came from a guy in rural Indiana who had a rough 2020 and is pulling himself up by the bootstraps.

Letterpress printing is a historic, artisan craft using movable wood or metal letters, introduced to the Western world by Johannes Gutenberg circa 1450. This printing method used small, carved pieces of wood for each letter which are locked into a layout together, inked, and pressed onto paper and heralded the beginning of mass communication.

Contemporary letterpress printing is valued for its handmade and visually distinct tactile qualities from the analog process. It requires careful attention throughout the setup and printing stages, but Daniel loves this slow, meditative design process - some prints take weeks to create from start to finish.

Your print will vary slightly from the example images in this listing. Indentions from the type and ornaments (a popular hallmark of letterpress printing), slight differences in ink application, or other variations are charming evidence of the hand-printing process. Your print is not “perfectly” digitally printed but instead an artifact of a hand-made artisan craft. Some inked areas may remain mildly tacky, especially in overlapped spaces. Oftentimes prints will reveal slight indentions around one or more edges from where the manual press needs to grip the paper.

Your poster is printed on 6x8" inch acid-free, heavy paper and will fit in a standard frame. All dyes and pigments which color inks and paper will eventually fade over time. To extend the vibrancy of your print, it is recommended you display it out of direct sunlight.

Please note that this print is UNFRAMED.