Disability Pride Flag

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The original Disability Pride Flag was created by Ann Magill, a disabled woman, and was a set of zigzag lines on a black background. In 2021, she, with help of the disabled community, updated the flag to this new design. The colors have been muted and rearranged to reduce eye strain, and each stripe also has a slightly different level of brightness (brightest in the center and darkening outward), so that even those with some form of color blindness can distinguish the stripes. The design includes:

Having All Six "Standard" Flag Colors: signifying that Disability Community is pan-national, spanning borders between states and nations.
The Black Field: Mourning and rage for victims of ableist violence and abuse
The Diagonal Band: "Cutting across" the walls and barriers that separate the disabled from normate society, also light and creativity cutting through the darkness
The White Stripe: Invisible and Undiagnosed Disabilities
The Red Stripe: Physical Disabilities
The Gold Stripe: Neurodivergence
The Blue Stripe: Psychiatric Disabilities
The Green Stripe: Sensory Disabilities
  • 3 x 5 ft
  • Grommets
  • 200D Polyester