Serenity Meow

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HELP YOUR CATS GET ALONG! Inspired by Storms and Melodies' very own Captain of Serenity, Malcolm, this is the remedy to help sustain an overall sense of community, family and bonding that is needed for the multi-cat household.

Knowing that their own House of Cats was out of balance, Storms and Melodies added Malcolm to their home after a long search for THE PURRFECT cat. Charming, loving, playful and intuitive about how to interact with all of the very different personalities in their home, he quickly settled in and brought with him a calming presence.

Formulated with moon water infused with crystals, flower essences with a touch of catnip oil and a dash of only veterinary grade cat safe oils, KJ personally charges each bottle with the Reiki intention to amplify to effect of the spray and encourage the calming effect.

As the Kitty Correspondent for Pet Pals TV and mother to 7 rescue cats, KJ has personally created this product to aid more cats and more cat owners dealing with common stress related issues.

As a dedicated cat mom and a Reiki Master, KJ has a passion for helping cats be the best versions of themselves. The Storm & Melodies remedy collection was born out of the challenge of having two cats who struggled to live in harmony. Johnny Storm's predator drive (natural need to hunt) paired with Melody's natural prey drive (fearful response to stress) led to A LOT of stress for all of us.

Through KJ's years as a Reiki healer specifically with cats and my experience with holistic remedies such as flower essences, crystals and other healing modalities, she combined what has worked in her House of Cats over the years to create these mists which will help you encourage your cat to have balance.

Trying to get cats to eat calming aids, accept them in their food or let you actually rub the remedy on them is a challenge. I KNOW. These sprays will mist their calming effects onto your cats favorite places to sit and sleep and are effective to just spray in the air. There is little to no fragrance so that their natural instinct to NOT trust a new smell is not an issue. Your cat simply receives the benefits of the spray without even knowing it.

Please never spray at them or on them. That simply creates more stress. Spray on their favorite items and favorite areas when they are not around.

These remedies are designed to be a part of a comprehensive plan to assist in their healing. Any behavior - aggressive or fearful - can be your cat telling you that they are sick or in pain and it's imperative that the first step is ruling out medical issues. See your veterinarian and be sure to speak clearly that you want to address the possible medical issues AND the behavior. If a vet determines that there is no underlying medical issue, GREAT! BUT, you must then be clear that you need them to help you address the behavior, too.

So many cat owners have come to KJ sad and frustrated because "the vet said there's nothing wrong." It's important to realize that is the physical diagnosis and you, as the cat's trusted human must champion on the cat's behalf to help their mental wellbeing. In addition to these remedies, KJ's cats receive regular vet care and some are also on calming diets and prescription meds.

These remedies play a key role in addressing the cat's needs on an energetic level while you continue to address their needs on a physical level as well.

Purrs, love and light to you and your feline friend!