Honey Mustard Tell City Crunchy Pretzel Pieces

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The perfect balance of tart and tangy, the sweet taste of golden honey is blended with tangy mustard and rolled into Tell City Pretzel's perfectly crunchy hard pretzels are a great snack for any party.

Famous Tell City Pretzels originated over 100 years ago, in 1858, when Casper Gloor, master baker from Switzerland, settled in Tell City, Indiana as a member of the Swiss Colonization Society. Gloor soon became known for the fine pretzel he baked from a secret recipe that he brought from Switzerland. Except for a short period when production ceased, the famous Tell City Pretzels have been hand twisted and baked in the old fashioned manner…in strict accordance with the centuries-old formula that was responsible for the fine quality and taste that established their wide spread acceptance.