ChickenDala Coloring Book

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Gain clarity, focus, and peace coloring ChickenDalas – over 50 Chicken mandalas & mantras/affirmations included… Mandalas are a form of therapy used by thousands worldwide. People seeking to calm their thoughts and increase their productivity focus on coloring mandalas every day. Now, anyone with a love of chickens and a desire for clarity, have a source for those reflections in the “ChickenDala Coloring Book.” Unlock your creativity with the more than fifty ChickenDala designs included in the “ChickenDala Coloring Book.”

Also included are over fifty mantras (also called affirmations) for meditation during the coloring process. Choose your medium, choose the ChickenDala to color, and enjoy. Turn your thoughts inward. Each of the designs were created for chicken people and pet lovers to focus on coloring to relieve stress, increase the positive energy in their lives, and have fun in the process!

There are many benefits to having a coloring book routine, which include: Achieve a meditation state of mind. The alpha brain waves are present when the mind is sleeping or in a deep zen-like meditative state. When a person is coloring, the brain can get into this soothing, restorative mode. Assuage stress, worry, and fears. This happens in the amygdala portion of the brain where emotions and motivation are integrated. The amygdala gets calmed during the coloring process. Improve fine motor skills. This happens through the repetition of coloring and focusing on a task using your hands to stay within a finite area. Increase creativity. Coloring unlocks the right side of the brain and keeps it stimulated, allowing for more creative thoughts and solutions. This also leads to increased productivity. Relax, gain clarity, and focus. People can also reduce their blood pressure while coloring.”