Gingerbread Man Ornament

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This adorable gingerbread man made from steel will make you smile any time you hang it on your tree.

Tired of precious ornaments shattering in one careless moment? Time to change to unbreakable metal! Steel is not only unbreakable but also eco-friendly because it can be recycled over and over again! A sustainable Christmas ornament option you can feel good about.

• Size: measures 2.2 inch by 3 inch
• Material: steel with satin ribbon (color varies)
• Finish: natural metal, dark grey color
• Features: smooth edges, custom text, unbreakable
• Local: made in Attica, Indiana

D E T A I L E D • I N F O R M A T I O N

• ECO-FRIENDLY- Ornaments are cut from recycled steel and steel can be recycled over and over again making it the most recycled material on the planet. Each ornament's surface may vary some from pictured due to the natural variability in steel. The recycled nature of metal gives unique characteristics to each sheet of steel such as areas with darker marks, slight color variations, and differences in level of shine.

• DURABLE AND LONG LASTING - Each metal ornament is CNC cut from sturdy (thickness of a nickel) hot rolled steel and left as bare steel for a natural metal look. Beautiful & UNBREAKABLE!

• DARK GREY COLOR - Our metal ornaments naturally appear dark grey in color but can appear brighter or darker with different lighting and backgrounds.

• SMOOTH EDGES; TUMBLED SURFACE; RUSTIC FINISH - All ornaments are tumbled to help smooth edges and create a rustic, tumbled finish.

Made in Attica, Indiana.