WHEREVER Single Serve Coffee (Daily Grind)

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Quality meets convenience in this single serve coffee bag. No fancy equipment, no mess. JavAroma puts freshly roasted coffee packaged inside its own filter to give you a quality cup of coffee in minutes. Just pour over, dunk & steep. This is truly craft coffee for WHEREVER life takes you.

Blend: Daily Grind--Your everyday workplace blend, whether you are going to the office, traveling for work, or running errands.

Directions: Remove filter from the bag. Place filter into mug and add hot water. Dunk filter bag several times to saturate grounds. Allow to brew 5-6minutes. Remove filter and enjoy

Packaging: One eco-friendly coffee filter is packaged inside a white matte bag, which is heat sealed to maintain freshness. Both filter and bag are heat sealed.

Yield: One 6-8oz cup of coffee

Uses: Ideal for travel and for those on-the-go.