Three Little Pugs

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 Benji the pug builds a house of straw, but a wolf comes along and blows it in. Benji’s sister, Inky, makes her home of sticks, but the wolf blows that in, too. When the wolf can’t huff and puff and blow in the brick house of their brother, Sarge, he has to figure out another way to make a meal of the three little pugs. What he finds out is that you don’t mess with these wily pups, as they will dream up all kinds of ways to protect themselves-and each other-from this treacherous canine. Learn how this unfolds in this imaginative retelling of “The Three Little Pigs.”

Adapted by Laurren Darr, and featuring illustrations by Florina Boldi, this is a story of love, family and the ultimate triumph of brain over brawn.

Available in paperback