Raised by Cats by KJ McGlinn

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Let this story make YOUR story with cats a PAWStive one! KJ, Your Kitty Correspondent from Pet Pals TV, has dedicated her life to learning and teaching others how to create a deeper bond with and understanding of our cat companions. Her first word as a baby was "kitty" and her words in this memoir will encourage and inspire you to strengthen your own communication with your feline friend. KJ not only shares positive stories of cats on the nationally syndicated Pet Pals TV and KJ TODAY Show but also has a background as Reiki Master working specifically with feline energy and a long history of working in animal communication that makes this look at understanding cats unique and eye opening. KJ resides in Indianapolis with her husband and House of Cats that currently includes 7 rescues. Her Storms and Melodies calming remedies have helped create stress free environments for both rescue cats and cats in homes across the country.