Original Snack Crackers - 99% Organic

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Just plain and simple, yet so light and tasty! This cracker is the perfect vehicle for your favorite spreads and dips, or with a bowl soup, or on your salad! Get creative with this one and let your taste buds enjoy the simple yet satisfying taste of Foods Alice’s Original Flax Cracker!

Great whole flax snack crackers that are tasty, healthy & crunchy. Sturdy and great with cheese, hummus, peanut butter, or dips, toppings, and your favorite spread. Excellent choice if you're hard core low-carb or keto and looking for something filling, or if you're on the go while hiking, camping, or on a road trip. Also great for school lunches or after-workout snacks. Take a break from supermarket crackers and go for these grain-free, gluten-free, healthy crackers.