Baby Bar Soap- Goats Milk, Lavender & Honey

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Baby Bar is full of good things from the farm! This is a gentle, soothing goats milk soap with skin-conditioning honey, cocoa butter, and shea butter. Raw local goats milk gives this bar a creamy texture, and raw honey from local hives gives it an amazing scent, a honeyed color, and helps hold moisture on the skin. Natural Cambrian blue clay lends this soap a soft blue-grey hue and a slippery texture that is great for shaving. Each bar is lightly scented with pure lavender essential oil. Use Baby Bar as a luxurious calming bath or shower soap that is gentle enough for babies or adults with sensitive skin or eczema. It is also a great everyday hand soap to keep your skin in top condition. It looks and smells wonderful, and is perfect for men, women, and little ones. Granola Girl Naturals soaps are 100% all natural, palm free,and cruelty free- made with only pure essential oils and natural colors. 100% palm free and cruelty free.