Indiana Cutting Board

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Show your Hoosier pride when serving or preparing local foods with this stunning Indiana shaped hardwood cutting board. Each board has a different pattern of woods and will be unique. Use one side of your state board for a cutting surface and the other for display if you are concerned about maintaining a displayable appearance on your beautiful Indiana state shaped board.

Dickinson Kitchenware cutting boards are sealed using their special curing kitchenware oil for low maintenance.

Care instructions for keeping your wood purchase in good shape:

1. NEVER put your woodenware in the dishwasher
2. Hand wash with warm soapy water. Do not let sit in water!
3. Remove excess water with a clean dry towel
4. Allow to completely air dry on all sides evenly (putting in a dish drainer works well)
5. Do NOT put your woodenware away wet.

Please follow these directions and your woodenware should last many years!

To maintain your woodenware:
Apply a liberal coat of Dickinson Kitchenware Oil or a thin layer of Dickinson's End Grain Balm if/when dry spots arise. This could be a week or several months depending on how much it is used and washed with soap.  Other food safe oils, such as mineral, walnut, and coconut oils, may also be used.  These are not curing oils and will need to be reapplied more often to maintain your woodenware.

We recommend you do not use vegetable oils as they can go rancid over time.

To Disinfect: Wipe with vinegar or lemon juice. Let stand one minute, rinse. Apply oil after disinfection.