Indiana State Flag: 3ft x 4.5ft Double-Sided with Grommets

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3' x 4.5' Indiana flag with grommets and double stitched edges to reduce fraying.

The Design: For our "Better State Flag" series, the Indiana Flag was already 90% there. In the effort to follow flag design best practices, we just removed the small word "INDIANA" from the flag. Boom, a better flag of Indiana.

Flags For Good flags are durable 200D polyester (most flags you'll find on the internet are cheap ~75D). In testing, they selected 200D as the perfect flag material; anything heavier doesn't fly well and the "back" doesn't get enough ink, anything lighter feels cheap and won't last very long.  This flag is printed as a one-sided print, making sure that the back has ample (around 90%) bleed-through.